you focus on your business, let us worry about your books

Q: Why is off-site bookkeeping the best choice? 

A: Off-site bookkeeping is definitely the best solution and there is no geographical limitation. Our off-site bookkeeping service is designed to serve clients all over Western Canada. Actually, not many of our clients ever come to our office. You choose whatever way is convenient to provide us with your confidential paperwork:

  •  We can send our courier to pick it up from your office;
  •  You can email it to us;
  •  You can mail it to us.
Q: Do you charge hourly rate or fixed monthly fee?

A: We charge a fixed monthly fee or hourly rates depending on your preference.

Q. Do I need my books done monthly?

A. Not necessarily. You can do it monthly, quarterly, or whenever it is convenient to you. Generally, monthly is a very good cycle, this is what we highly recommend.

Q. I have an accountant already. Can I still use your service?

A. Sure, there is no conflict at all.  We are a bookkeeping service. We will provide all necessary records and reports to your accountant. We are happy to answer any questions and assist your accountant to maximize the value of both our services and your accountant’s services. This also saves you time.

Q. I would like to do some bookkeeping tasks myself. Can I still use your service?

A. Yes. For example, some of our clients invoice their own customers.  We can discuss an ideal solution for you.

Q. What if I am audited by the government?

A. We understand it can be stressful when you are chosen by the government for an audit.  In case you are audited, we will assist your accountant in response to any government inquiries and assist in preparing the documents requested.

Q. Do you return my documents?

A. All of your original documents will be returned in a timely manner.