Client Reviews

Details Bookkeeping is a pleasure to work with. They are 

clear and straight to the point. Courier is a very busy 

industry with many transactions and tight demands. Their 

efficiency and attention to detail met the demands of the 

busyness. In addition, through our rapid growth, their clear

and straight to the point approach, significantly contributed

to systems being streamlined to the place where staffing 

requirements were low, without compromising deadlines, 

detail, and accuracy. To CarGo West, they represented the

 competency and integrity that was crucial for the important

position they filled; for this reason, I recommend talking 

with Sharon to see if she feels that your business is a good

match for what Details Bookkeeping offers. 

Mark Street, Owner/President - CarGo West Ltd 

Details Bookkeeping helped us when we started our winery

business. It was wonderful to have them help us organize

all our federal and provincial reporting. They worked well 

with our accountant and provided him with all the 

information he needed in a timely manner. They always

showed the utmost integrity and professionalism,  and we

will continue to use them on a consulting basis in the 


Roberto Fiume, Owner - Ciao Bella Winery

I have been using Details Bookkeeping for many

years. I would highly recommend Sharon and her team.

Always prompt and professional.

Terry Schlecht - Kelowna Auto Care

We've been working with Details for about a year and half

and it's been a great experience for us. Sharon took over

for another bookkeeper that proved problematic for us and

has been super responsive and taken a ton of care to get

things fixed and get them right. Equally important,

Details has treated us very honestly and ethically to the

point where we were even under-charged when our books

required more work than originally estimated! We had to

insist that she bill us a rate that reflected the work she was

actually putting forth rather than just that which she

estimated. Very honest and very capable. Highly


Brad Truswell - Truswell Investments

Details Bookkeeping is very professional and always on 

time with their work. We have never been let down by their

work. We trust everything that they do is complete and 

done right. We would rate Details Bookkeeping 10 out of

10! Thanks for the many years of awesome work!  

Richard Bloomquist, Director - R&G Lube & Stuff Ltd. 

The staff at Details Bookkeeping are great and involved

bookkeepers. Always on time and very friendly.

Natasha Botbijl, Owner - Coach at My Life Mentors 

I have worked with Details Bookkeeping for several years

and have found them to be on time, accurate, and 

efficient in all areas of bookkeeping and filing for taxes as 

well as cooperative with our Accountant. 

They are focused and attentive to detail and stay on top of 

the workload so that it doesn’t fall behind. I have no 

hesitation to recommend Details Bookkeeping services!

Dr. Markus Hilbert, Au.D. Doctor of Audiology

We required interim support in our bookkeeping

department. Sharon very graciously made time in her

schedule for us. With her extensive knowledge of

bookkeeping practices she was able to very quickly adapt

to our systems. We very much appreciated her expertise

and advise.

Colleen Mueller - Emmanuel Church

Details Bookkeeping has been working for me for over

3 years (and counting!) They know my business in and

out. My mind is at ease knowing that my company's

bookkeeping needs are being handled in the best manner


Rod Burnett - Global College of Auctioneering